Tuesday, July 09, 2013


I might be late to the party - again. But thanks to obskures I discovered this youtube channel.

And so first their bestest thing - Somebody I Used to Know and Game of Thrones mixed up.
Beware: spoilers for the first season!

And sure I had to look at their other stuff. And found out, they are finally some people to give credit to House Hufflepuff:

And then, The Hunger Games mixed with Mulan (I still love this Disney movie!);

Oh, and since I do like zombies:

And now, for those already having watched the third season of GoT - or those that read the books - a little video by someone else. BEWARE SPOILERS! REALLY! REALLY REALLY REALLY!


Monday, June 03, 2013

So looking forward to the new Skins season...

... because: familiar faces of Generation 1 & 2!


Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Last Ship trailer


What do we know and why do I care?

It will be on TNT next year. It is produced by Michael Bay and the show's star seems to be Eric Dane who was killed off of Grey's Anatomy last year. It is an adaptation of a sci-fi novel but while the book is about a world after a full scale nuclear war this version is about the post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a pandemic.


Now, why do I care?

Rhona Mitra.

Simple as that. (And yes, really the only reason. Because Michael Bay . . . Eric Dane . . . meh.)
And oddly enough her charakter is again called Rachel. That makes three Rachels.


Over at the rpg department

How Nim rates ...

  • * - really bad, avoid if you can - I did not manage unfortunately
  • ** - not good, could have been something, nice try
  • *** - good, Popcorn movies, nice books, you can watch without danger
  • **** - very good - in fact, you should watch/read this! That good!
  • ***** - exceptional - maybe not what you would call exceptional, but it hit the right spots in my brains

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